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Live a different experience abroad: study at Escola São Paulo, Brazil

About Us


The educational program of the School is somewhat different from mainstream education programs. Our view of Schooling is based on the premise that courses need to be more flexible, and updated in an ongoing basis. A student must always be presented with new information, selected based on a more contemporary perspective.
Our Program allows theoretical and practical intercrossing between different subjects in Creative Economy, in order to provide transdisciplinary training to students tuned with the most contemporary trends, in line with global demands. The subjects covered by courses are several and constantly being complemented - e.g. is there a new subject our students might be interested in? Do we believe it is relevant? If so, we add it to a lecture or even to more extensive courses.

We are currently conducting trend surveys, which result in a teaching methodology capable of providing content that truly adds value to the cultural background of individuals, and flexible p-professionals for various sectors of Creative Economy. Transdiciplinary training enables a flexible perspective.

Design, fashion, cinema, photography, media, gastronomy, visual arts, business and management, architecture, art direction, set design, sustainability, history, TV, dance, philosophy, literature, music, drama and performing arts segments that intertwine and create fundamental complementary links.

Tuned to ever evolving current creative trends, the School prompts those who seek knowledge freely and independently, which allows individuals to connect, get involved and establish permanent exchange links through courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, programs, labs, cultural events and free activities to meet the specific needs of different audiences.

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A thriving environment for creation and experimentation with a contemporary approach, prompting you to experiment with different subjects.
Its courses and workshops dynamics provide a theoretical and practical background that enables you, in addition to having access to knowledge and information, to actually design and perform research, films, texts, photo shoots, food tastings, project development, management planning., editorials, fashion collections, reviews, graphic projects, plastic projects and drawings.
You may join Extension Programs implementing your course curriculum or join Free Courses, lectures, workshops and labs, as well as choose longer Qualifying Courses, such as Six months and yearly courses, all of which include practical and theoretical modules in several areas, aimed at merging contemporary culture and the learning process.


Alumni are mainly students are professionals who are constantly investing in their education - businessmen and executives who regard culture as fundamental for their careers in today’s competitive world.

Courses, lectures, workshops and labs are attended by people from all over Brazil and abroad.

A few activities require pre-qualifications, such as knowing how to use specific software or having basic knowledge of a particular subject, but usually they are opened to anyone.

The School operates profound changes in students’ lives. We have several "success cases" which evidence the difference the School makes in several people`s professional development. By their time at the School is finished, several students manage to get better positions or jobs in companies and universities in Brazil and Abroad, and many even start-up their own businesses.


To create conditions for the development of a personal, professional and sociocultural development process, contributing to engaging individuals in discussions and actions in line with the current scenario.


To be a reference in merging contemporary culture in the educational process.



Cacilda Teixeira da Costa | Cristina Ricupero | Idel Arcuschin | Luisa Malzoni Strina | Márcio da Rocha Camargo | Paulo Mendes da Rocha | Paulo Vieira | Rubens Ricupero | Solange Farkas

Executive Board
Marcos Moraes | Isabella Prata | Idel Arcuschin

Managing Director
Isabella Prata

Special Assistance in Brazil

We have specialized staff that can help you find a place to live, nearby restaurants and cultural tips at the city.

Call us and schedule your visit:

Rua Augusta, 2239
São Paulo - SP - Brasil
55 11 3060 3636 or e-mail us:



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